1. Teapulse Healthy Gifts

Set A – $30.0 [U.P.  $33.0]
1 x Maple Cranberry Kombucha (450ml)
1 x Probiotics Lemonade Concentrate (250ml)

Set B – $30.0 [U.P. $33.0]
2 x Maple Cranberry Kombucha (450ml)

Set C – $38.0 [U.P. $48.0]
3 x Assorted Probiotics Lemonade Concentrate
(Yellow / Brown / Lavender)


Kombucha concentrates are best consumed on the rocks (100ml) or in equal parts with soda, tea or juice (100ml : 100ml)

Probiotics lemonade concentrates are best consumed in 3 tablespoon servings with water, soda or tea (200ml)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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